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Practice Areas

Two parents and their baby play on a park bench at sunset

Family Law

No matter the legal issue, your family deserves a chance at a brighter future.

Woman holding her wedding ring near a tiny model of a house and car


Divorce is never easy. Reach out to me for guidance when you need it most.

Little girl hugging her father while smiling

Child Custody

When you need to fight for your child's best interests, I'll be here to help.

Man paying his ex-wife child support while a young boy looks sad in the background

Child Support

Work with me to seek the financial support your child needs to succeed.

Two parents playing with a young girl on a sidewalk


If you're looking to expand your family through adoption, let me lead the way.

Hands in handcuffs

Criminal Defense

Fight for justice after a misdemeanor or Class D felony charge in Somerset, KY.