Protect Your Driving Privileges

If you've been accused of reckless driving, talk to a traffic lawyer in Somerset, KY, serving London, KY residents

A reckless driving conviction can lead to license suspension and hefty fines. The conviction will also show up on your criminal record. If your job requires you to drive, a reckless driving charge could affect your career. If you've been charged with reckless driving, reach out to the Law Office of Trina L. Hendricks in Somerset, KY right away.

You can receive a reckless driving charge for...

  • Following another driver too closely
  • Making erratic lane changes
  • Racing with another driver


Our traffic lawyer will work hard to build a solid criminal defense. Call now to schedule a consultation.


Were you accused of texting while driving?

In Kentucky, any action that takes your attention away from driving could be considered distracted driving. This could be eating, fiddling with the radio or texting. If you're convicted of distracted driving, you could have three points added to your license. Don't lose your driving privileges - retain a traffic lawyer from the Law Office of Trina L. Hendricks.

Don't let a hit-and-run charge ruin your life

Don't let a hit-and-run charge ruin your life

Leaving the scene of a car accident is a serious offense. If the other driver is injured or killed, it's considered a felony. At the Law Office of Trina L. Hendricks, our traffic lawyer has defended clients just like you who have been accused of leaving the scene of an accident. Contact us today to start working on your criminal defense with a lawyer.